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WHN Podcast begins each Sunday with a live conference call with experts who are given only six minutes to present their prepared remarks without interruption, which is then followed by a q&a for deeper engagement.

Larry Bernstein’s Grandfather, George Karp, a Viennese Jewish doctor, tells the story of his family’s miraculous escape from Nazi Europe. He travels across Vichy France and over the Pyrenees where he is finally rescued by the French resistance–the Maquis. The Karp family’s survival required incredible luck, perseverance and determination. They depended on the assistance of the Jewish relief agencies, the Unitarians, the Quakers, and the altruistic acts of strangers. This personal memoir is a funny, uplifting and positive tale.

The book is available on Kindle here and Larry reads the audio book.
Larry’s Aunt Sharon Karp made a documentary film about the Escape entitled A Song for You that can be seen here or you can email me and Larry will send you a DVD.


Larry Bernstein

Larry started a book club that included the author nearly 20 years ago and since COVID has produced a weekly podcast for What Happens Next. His day job is trading equities US Treasury bonds for his company, Amber Mountain.  

He is a former Managing Director of US and Japanese fixed income trading at Citadel and Salomon Brothers/Citigroup.

He has a B.S. in Economics from UPenn’s Wharton Business School.

He can be reached at 



Adam Levin is one of our interns at What Happens Next from Boston. He is currently on a gap year at Harvard University, where he will continue next fall as a Junior studying Economics & Government. His interest lies at the intersection of economics and politics. He enjoys watching his hometown Boston Celtics and New England Patriots in his free-time and also loves the Premier League. His email is adamlevin@college.harvard.edu.

Dora Wedner is a New York City based intern. She graduated from Harvard in 2020 and is set to pursue an MFA in Fiction Fall 2021 at the New School in New York. Her interests focus primarily on foreign policy and biological science. In her spare time, she loves doing yoga and tries to get to the mountains whenever she can. Her email is dorawedner@gmail.com.

Blake McGill is currently pursuing a degree in Quantitative Social Science with a focus in public policy and minor in Human-Centered Design at Dartmouth College. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in political communications or political media. Her email is blakemcgill11@gmail.com.

Carly Brail is an intern from New York City. She is a junior at the High School of American Studies, where she leads the Model United Nations, Economics, and Tennis teams. She is interested in economics and business. Her email is carlybrail@gmail.com

Hannah Bernstein is New York based intern. She is a sophomore at the University of the Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in theater arts. She is a lover of all things fashion, film, and art. Her email is behannah@sas.upenn.edu

Claire Graham is an intern based in London, UK. She is currently a senior at the American School in London and is a varsity rower. Claire will be heading to Columbia University in the fall of 2021. She is interested in the intersection of human rights and politics. Her email is clairemgraham@gmail.com.

Justin is taking a sabbatical as he is currently on leave in Israel.

Justin Benjamin is one of our interns from New York City. He is taking a gap year before he attends Yale University next fall. He recently graduated from the Dalton school where he participated on the Model United Nations team, wrote about sports for the school newspaper, and ran Dalton’s Conflict Studies club. He is interested in economics and political science, and is an avid follower of the NBA and NFL. His email is justincbenjamin@gmail.com

Sophia Saker is one of our interns from Chicago. She is studying History at Brown University with a focus on industrialization throughout the 18th and 19th century. She also studies Spanish and is working on a documentary on the Arab community in Colombia—where her family comes from. In her free time she loves discovering new movies, but her favorite of all time is When Harry Met Sally. Her email is sophia_saker@brown.edu