Larry Bernstein

Since 2002, Larry has been a professional trader. He trades his own proprietary capital in equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, and commodities, and he is also an active participant in the US Treasury bond market at his company, Amber Mountain.

Before that, Larry Bernstein managed US and Japanese fixed income trading at Citadel from 1999 – 2001.

Larry Bernstein was a Managing Director at Salomon Brothers/Citigroup from 1986 – 1999. He co-headed proprietary fixed income and equity trading in Japan for Salomon Brothers in 1998 and 1999. He also represented the Asian region on Citigroup’s risk management committee headed by Jamie Dimon.  

Larry was responsible for the trading of United States treasuries, fixed income derivatives, and municipal bonds for Salomon’s proprietary business from 1994 – 1997. He worked for Nobel Prize-winning economist Myron Scholes as a member of the special purpose derivatives entity design team for Salomon Swapco in 1992. Salomon Swapco was the first terminating derivative entity that was later copied by Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.  

From 1987 – 1992, Larry worked in Salomon’s corporate finance and capital markets department where he ran the Tax and Accounting New Products Group.

Larry graduated with a B.S. in economics with a concentration in finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.

He can be reached at