OMICRON! And Career Advancement Through Insights

Sunday December 26, 2021

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What Happens Next is a podcast where an expert is given just SIX minutes to present his argument. This is followed by a Q&A period for deeper engagement.

Today’s topic are Omicron and Using Insight for Career Advancement.

Our speakers are Ari Ciment and David Kronfeld.


Larry Bernstein:
Welcome to What Happens Next.

My name is Larry Bernstein.

Today’s topic are Omicron and Using Insight for Career Advancement.

Our first speaker is Ari Ciment who is a pulmonologist and manages the medical staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. He has seen thousands of COVID patients since the March 2020 outbreak.

Today we will hear from Ari about what he is seeing in the hospital right now for the Omicron patients.

I want to find out how Ari intends to treat Omicron patients depending on their age, pre-existing conditions, and previous vaccination status. What is the efficacy for monoclonal antibodies with Omicron variant? Are we seeing similar pneumonia cases as compared to the old Covid variants? And should be the immediate steps when we find out if we tested positive for Covid.

I want to know about the new trials for polyclonal antibodies available only for the unvaccinated and who should sign up for the trial. And I want to hear about the new Merck and Pfizer pills that have just been released. I heard they will be in short supply and what to do about that.

Our second guest is David Kronfeld. David is a former venture capitalist, Booz Allen consultant, and corporate executive at Ameritech.

David has a new book entitled Remarkable: Proven Insights to Accelerate Your Career that is a Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestseller.

David focuses on the importance of insight or out of the box thinking that can help you solve problems in a way that others miss. David’s work process uses unusual data sets and asking tons of questions to discover these insights.

David uses his own real-life experiences to teach negotiation. He does this by finding common ground, and learning your counterpart’s perspective to get to a solution.

You are going to love David Kronfeld’s insights because it will help you improve your performance at work and in life.
I’d like to welcome back to the show Ari Ciment. We met Ari probably almost 11 months ago. Ari is a pulmonologist at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. Ari, when we last spoke, we didn’t have Omicron. We now do. What’s going on in your hospitals? Are you packed? Who’s coming in? How does it differ, given this latest outbreak?


Ari Ciment

Topic: OMICRON: What is Happening in the Hospital’s COVID wards, treatment options, and what to expect.
Bio:Pulmonologist and Critical Care at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach.

Ari Ciment Q&A:

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David Kronfeld

Topic: The Miami Art Basel Fair
Bio: Founder of Cromwell Art, Art Advisor and Builder of Art Collections
Reading: Remarkable: Proven Insights to Accelerate Your Career is here

My topic is how to become more successful in business.

There are many skills and talents that play a role in one’s career and success, the most important skill is being insightful. I define insightfulness as seeing and understanding those things that are not obvious to peers and superiors, but are appreciated after they are revealed.

It is the difference between book smart and street smart. Insightfulness can be learned with proper tools and some practice. You don’t need to be a genius to become extraordinarily insightful.

I want you to be very wary of advice that you get from successful people, especially about how to be successful.
The most typical advice experts offer is the ridiculous idea that: one cannot succeed if one fails. But this is insufficient because not failing doesn’t guarantee success either. It is necessary but not sufficient. This guidance of not failing will get you to play in the major league, but it is silent on how to actually win games once you start playing at that level.

Another concept that I want to leave with you today is the difference between great leaders and great managers. Being a great leader is not an important attribute for you to reach top management levels.

There is a difference between a great leader and a great manager, and the two should not be confused. Great leaders are the people that can lead, people who can talk you into doing something and motivate you into doing it in the best possible way. People can motivate you to do the wrong things too, but they are great leaders. It’s great management that makes the difference, not great leaders. Because great management means managing people to accomplish something that ended up being the right thing. To be a great manager, one also needs to be a great leader because if one is unable to motivate and lead, one would not be able to accomplish much either. Focus on being a competent manager first and only then worry about how to be an effective leader, not the other way around.

David Kronfeld Q&A:

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