Business and Technology Change Accelerated by COVID19



Sunday October 18, 2020

Co-Hosts Larry Bernstein and Mitch Feinman

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Greg Woolf
Topic: The Decline of Ancient Cities
Bio: Director of Classical Studies and Professor at the University of London
Reading Assignment: The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: A Natural History. Chapter 18 on the role of networks in the ancient world. Chapter 20 on the decline of urbanization in the ancient world and the Afterword on the resilience of cities. (total 44 pages). Find here

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Eliot Cosgrove
Topic: Virtual Services and Religious Experience
Bio: Head Rabbi of Park Avenue Synagogue in NYC

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Question and Answer Session for Woolf and Cosgrove

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Gordon Ho
Topic: COVID and the Cruise Line Industry
Bio: Ex-Chief Marketing Officer of Princess Cruise Line and Founder of

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Aaron Luber
Topic: COVID accelerates adoption of Virtual/Augmented Reality Tools
Bio: Head of AR/VR Commercialization at Google

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Question and Answer Session for Ho and Luber

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Simon Johnson
Topic: Covid Changes UK Rugby Football League Forever
Bio: Chair, The (UK) Rugby Football League

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Larry Berg
Topic: COVID’s Impact on the Domestic Soccer League (MLS)
Bio: Lead Managing Owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, Senior Partner at Apollo and Chairman of McGraw-Hill Education

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Dan Orlow
Topic: Explosion in Sports Betting with COVID
Bio: President and COO of Vetnos, a fintech B2B platform focused on sports gaming using brand name PaySqorr

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3:42 pm Questions for Speakers

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