Week 2



Sunday March 29, 2020

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Geoffrey Stone
Topic: The role of the Supreme Court in protecting citizens in times of National Emergency.
Bio: University of Chicago Law School Professor, former Dean of the UChicago Law School and former Provost of the University of Chicago.

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Judge Gary Feinerman
Judge Feinerman will interview Professor Geoffrey Stone on Legal Issues for Emergency Powers
Bio: Judge Feinerman is a Federal District Court Judge in Northern Illinois

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Simon James
Topic: The UK response to the COVID-19 crisis, particularly in relation to the NHS
Bio: CEO, KIMS Hospital, Maidstone, Kent UK

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Peggy Hamburg
Topic: What should we expect from the FDA on the virus?
Bio: Former Commissioner of the FDA and former assistant director of the NIH’s allergy and infectious disease.

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Peggy Hamburg QA

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Dr. Eric Terman
Topic: I got the virus, now what?
Bio: Larry Bernstein’s internist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University

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Michael Moskow
Topic: How will the Fed continue to change its behavior in this crisis? What is the state of the economy?
Bio: Served as President and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and is now Vice Chairman of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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Michael Moskow QA

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Andy Bluhm
Topic: Casinos, Real Estate, and Online Education
Bio: Casino owner, real estate entrepreneur and investor in online education

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Mike Knetter
Topic: How will the COVID19 crisis impact the higher education sector in the U.S.?
Bio: Former business school dean at U. of Wisconsin, chair investment committee at Neuberger Berman Funds and American Family Insurance

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Mike Knetter QA

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David Snyderman
Topic: Structured Credit, Corporate Lending, and CLOs
Bio: Global Head of Alternative Credit and Fixed Income at Magnetar

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Harry Robinson
Topic: What are you hearing about what is happening in industry and manufacturing in China; which industries will have U, V and L-shaped recoveries? And what is the future of face-to-face interaction in business
Bio: Chairman of the Client Committee of McKinsey’s Board of Directors

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Harry Robinson QA

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Boris Vladimirov
Topic: How has the virus crisis impacted emerging market economies?
Bio: Boris is a proprietary trader who formerly worked at Brevan Howard and Rokos

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David Kostin
Topic: Will explain that investors are getting drawn into a bear market rally! Happened 7 times between Oct and Dec 2008 but market did not trough until March 2009.
Bio: Chief Equity Strategist of Goldman Sachs

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David Kostin QA

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Joe Farrell
Topic: What are the details of the Stimulus Bill that impacts small businesses and employment?
Bio: Joe is a partner with Latham and Watkins in Employment Law Litigation in Los Angeles

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Vittorio Assaf
Topic: How are restaurants and hospitality going to survive the crisis?
Bio: Co-Founder and owner of Serafina Restaurants

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Vittorio Assaf QA

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Keith Hennessey
Topic: How has the current crisis impacted infrastructure investment around the world?
Bio: Keith runs infrastructure at Bechtel.

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Robert Kurzban
Topic: What Moral Panics Lie Before Us?
Bio: Author of Everyone Else is a Hypocrite

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Robert Kurzban QA

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Angus Deaton
Topic: Deaths of despair and deaths from the virus
Bio: Princeton Professor and Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

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Angus Deaton QA

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Discussion about Survey Results with Group

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Questions for Speakers

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