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Sunday August 30, 2020

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Charlotte Novy
Topic: Challenges of Online Experience in College and Relatively Poor Performance Compared to Online High School
Bio: Sophomore at Vanderbilt University

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Charlotte Novy Q&A

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Hannah Bernstein
Topic: Socialization and Online Education in College
Bio: Rising Sophomore at University of Pennsylvania

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Joshua Haghani
Topic: Starting a New Business Now
Bio: Graduate of University of Pennsylvania, finished 2-year analyst program at Citibank, now an entrepreneur

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Joshua Haghani and Jessica Haghani Q&A

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Jonathan Bernstein
Topic: Changing Lifestyles during COVID
Bio: Rising Freshman at Northwestern University

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Jonathan Bernstein Q&A

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Audrey Shapiro
Topic: Self-Discovery
Bio: Rising Senior at Brown University

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Hannah Bernstein, Charlotte Novy, and Audrey ShapiroQA

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Kyle Rosenbluth
Topic: How to Make Creative Arts During COVID
Bio: Recent Graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Documentary Filmmaker.

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Kyle Rosenbluth Q&A

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Jessica Haghani
Topic: Apprenticeship in Wall Street Analyst Programs
Bio: 2018 Graduate of University of Pennsylvania, now an analyst with Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts (KKR) in the real estate investment group

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Anna Shell
Topic: Mental Success for Young Adults
Bio: High School Senior at Harvard-Westlake High School.

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Anna Shell Q&A

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Jeremy Clorfene
Topic: Current Challenges in Mental Health for Young Adults
Bio: Psychologist specializing in obesity, heart disease and diabetes and is the head psychologist for the University of Illinois D-1 Wrestling Team

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Jeremy Clorfene Q&A

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Audrey Shapiro & Jeremy Clorfene Q&A

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Jennifer Bloom
Topic: Getting into College for Applicants Next Year
Bio: College Admissions Counselor (who worked for my kids)
Reading Assignment: In! College Admissions and Beyond: The Experts’ Proven Strategy for Success. Link is here

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Jennifer Bloom Q&A

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Lauren Teichholtz
Topic: Instagram and TikTok
Bio: Rising Junior at Trinity HS in NYC

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Lauren Teichholtz Q&A

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Justin Benjamin
Topic: Why I am taking a gap year
Bio: Recent graduate of Dalton HS in NYC, Intern at What Happens Next and incoming freshman at Yale in the Fall of 2021

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Justin Benjamin Q&A

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Judah Huberman
Topic: Why I am taking a Gap Year in Israel working for Magen David Adom Ambulance
Bio: Recent Graduate of Walter Payton HS in Chicago and incoming freshman at the University of Chicago in the Fall of 2021

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Judah Huberman Q&A

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Questions for Speakers

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