What Happens Next in 6 Minutes with Larry Bernstein
What Happens Next in 6 Minutes
Episode 15 - 6.28.2020

Episode 15 - 6.28.2020

Robert Kurzban

Topic: Social norms in a COVID world
Bio: Author of Why Everyone Else is a Hypocrite


David Stellings

Topic: Class Action Lawsuits against the Insurance Industry by Policyholders for Business Interruption Insurance over COVID
Bio: Partner at Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann and Bernstein


Joshua Soven

Topic: Anti-Trust and Covid
Bio: My college roommate and Partner at Wilson Sonsini


David Stellings and Joshua Soven QA


Peter Moskos

Topic: What I learned at the Baltimore Police Academy and working as a cop in Baltimore’s Eastern District
Bio: Associate Professor of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Reading Assignment: Chapter 6, Under Arrest: Discretion in the Ghetto from Peter’s book Cop in the Hood


Barry Friedman, Peter Moskos, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Richard Fontaine QA


Barry Friedman

Topic: Working with the police to promote public safety through transparency, equity and democratic engagement
Bio: Jacob D. Fuchsberg Professor of Law and Affiliated Professor of Politics at NYU Law School
Reading Assignment


Barry Friedman QA


Richard Fontaine

Topic: Chinese and European Response to Covid
Bio: CEO of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Formerly worked at the State Department, NSC, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee


Vivek Ramaswamy, Richard Fontaine and Barry Friedman QA


Mike Novy

Topic: Marketing a luxury brand tequila during Covid
Bio: President at Tequila Casa Dragones


Mike Novy QA


Vivek Ramaswamy

Topic: What will we do if there is no vaccine?
– 34-year-old founder and CEO of Roivant Sciences ($8BN+ biopharmaceutical company)
– Involved in COVID-19 response: served on Ohio’s coronavirus task force; his company is developing a therapy for COVID-19; built a de-identified patient-level COVID-19 registry for researchers
– Recent WSJ op-ed here. His book launch on the topic of his op-ed is expected next year- Harvard College ’07. Yale law school ’13. Forbes cover in 2015.


Questions for Speakers

What Happens Next in 6 Minutes with Larry Bernstein
What Happens Next in 6 Minutes
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