Oct 25, 2020 • 2HR 6M

Imperfect Solutions for COVID, Global Logistics, Cybersecurity, and Virtual Events - 10.25.2020

Joshua Schiffer, Tim Denoyer, Marc Levinson, Robert Knake, Wendy Ferber, and Howard Givner.

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Larry Bernstein
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Joshua Schiffer

Topic: Against Covid-19, Imperfect Measures Do the Most Good
Bio: Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Vaccine and Infections Disease at the University of Washington
Reading Assignment: New York Times article by Schiffer is here


Tim Denoyer

Topic: What is Happening with Global Logistics: Rail, Trucking, and Shipping
Bio: Lead Analyst in ACT Research’s Transportation Group and primary author for the ACT Freight Forecast.


Marc Levinson

Topic: Globalization
Bio: Author of the Box and Outside the Box
Reading Assignment: Outside the Box Chapters 14 and 20 (20 pages) is here
WSJ article in WSJ 10/24/20 is here


Question and Answer for Denoyer and Levinson


Robert Knake

Topic: Cybersecurity
Bio: The Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations. He served from 2011-2015 as director for cybersecurity policy at the National Security Council, responsible for the development of presidential policy on cybersecurity and vulnerability management.
Reading Assignment: The Fifth Domain: Defending our Country, our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats is here, read chapters 7 and 13 (34 pages).


Wendy Ferber

Topic: Virtual Team Building Events
Bio: CEO of ConnectRcentral


Howard Givner

Topic: Virtual Conventions: Pandemic Meetings and Event Design
Bio: Founder of Event Leadership Institute and former CEO of North America for Global Events Group


Question and Answer Session for Ferber and Givner