Operation Warp SpeedListen now (45 min) | Speaker: Paul Mango
Rise of AuthoritarianismListen now (41 min) | Speakers: Moises Naim and Julian Waller
Paul Kennedy Series: 1943: The Year that Decided the Outcome of WW2Listen now (43 min) | Speaker: Paul Kennedy
Partisanship and Religion and the Importance of Innovation in PoliticsListen now (53 min) | Speakers: Michele Margolis and Julian Zelizer
INFLATION!Listen now (49 min) | Today’s topic is inflation. Our Speakers are John Taylor, Casey Mulligan, and Alan Auerbach.
Eyewitness Account of the Highland Park MassacreListen now (34 min) | Today’s topic is eyewitness accounts of the Highland Park Massacre. Our speakers are David Baum and Brittany Wroblewski.
Future of the CityListen now (50 min) | Today's episode is on urbanization. The guest speaker is Dejan Sudjic followed by previous guests pulled from the WHN archives.
Paul Kennedy Series: Battle of the Atlantic and War in the Mediterranean & Denial of Speech on CampusListen now (82 min) | Today’s topics are on the battle of the Atlantic and war in the Mediterranean & denial of speech on campus. Our Speakers are Paul…
Sussmann Acquitted & Top Gun – Maverick!Listen now (55 min) | Today’s topics are on the trial of Sussman and Top Gun: Maverick. Our Speakers are Sean Berkowitz, Robert Young, and Darren…
Not Paying Taxes in NY & Law Schools Go WokeListen now (43 min) | Today’s topics are not paying taxes in New York and law schools go woke. Our Speakers are Chris Doyle and John McGinnis.
Paul Kennedy Series: US and Japanese WW2 Battles in the PacificListen now (56 min) | Today’s topic is the War in the Pacific from Pearl Harbor to The Battle of Midway. Our speaker is Paul Kennedy.
Overturning Roe vs. WadeListen now (43 min) | Today's topic is overturning Roe v. Wade. Our speakers are John McGinnis and Howard Husock.